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Homestay in Pondicherry

There are lot of homestay in Pondicherry but you will enjoy a different experience which you never forget in life by spending your expensive holidays on our homestay. We are popular among higher end customers who are looking for premium homestay with swimming pool and entertainment for the children. We also developed adventure sports on our luxury homestay like kayaking, hobiecating, beach sailing, wind surfing, ATV rides etc

Everyone dreams of having the best vacation. But what happens when you can't find a place that is good enough to stay at? Thankfully you won't have to worry about this while planning your trip to Pondicherry. 154 Beach Resort is at this prime tourist destination, adorning the east coast and making sure that your holiday is nothing short of exquisite. Our homestay opens before you the doors to everything which can make each moment of your Pondicherry trip truly memorable.

Premium Services With Maximum Satisfaction

Our high-end services make sure that you get your money's worth. After a well-spent day on the roads and beaches of Pondy, our world-class rooms let you fall back and relax in peace. There are a number of avenues for entertainment as well which can keep your kids engaged. Our beautiful swimming pool lets you spend a few lazy hours in ease, sipping from your refreshing drink. 154 Pearl Beach ensures that your holiday in luxury.

All The Adventure You Need

Your Pondy trip is never complete without a bit of adventure. Our personnel ensure that you get everything to satisfy the daring spirits within you. Our range of activities includes kayaking, beach sailing, windsurfing, ATV rides, etc. We make sure that you have the best safety along with maximum enjoyment.

Your Security Is Our Priority

We know that your safety and the safety of your loved ones are top on your list of priorities while travelling. At 154 Pearl Beach which happens to be the best Homestay in Pondicherry, we make this our responsibility. Our security team and infrastructure make sure that you can be free of any safety-related concern while you are on our premises.

At 154 Pearl Beach Homestay, we make sure that you spend your Pondicherry holiday in the best possible way. Our team of efficient personnel offer you the most exquisite service and guide you to the best places in the region. You wouldn't need to hire anyone for a second opinion. So don't waste even a moment once you've picked your dates for a holiday. Reach out to us and book your stay. The best of Pondicherry is waiting for you at 154 Pearl Beach Resort. Come to our homestay and enjoy your holidays.